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Re: [Emc-users] The future of LinuxCNC mailing lists andbug tracking Alex Joni Wed Feb 22 03:01:05 2012

> While I am sure that you guys are more than capable of running the
> server outside of Sourceforge, what always concerns me in situations
> like this
> is the dependency on certain people to do certain things without a solid
> backup plan.
> If plan A is to have person X run and administer the server, what
> happens if person X becomes unavailable (let your imagination run wild. ) 
> ?
> What is plan B?
> And where does that leave the server/s and all of the people who depend
> on it.

As it is now - there is equal access to the webserver for all board members. 
That means each of us has the same powers to adjust things given the need.
That access (involving ssh to the server) allows us to do things that aren't 
already available through standard tools:
- for the webpage we do most administration through the web interface (the 
administrators who can do that are not limited to the board members, there 
are a couple more with the same access rights,)
Very seldom there is a need to query/modify the database or hack on the code 

We have devided our attention amongst different areas of services, but that 
doesn't mean if one goes away, that others couldn't fit the empty shoes.

The same will be true for mailinglists and bugtracker.

> I have to answer this kind of question all of the time for my
> customers.  (And some of them have zero tact, so I frequently get to
> reflect on my age and health..  ;-) )

And it's quite a pertinent question to ask.
Hopefully I addressed your concearns.


> I trust you guys will make a good decision.
> The adds don't bother me.  But the possible vulnerabilities do.
> Thanks for asking for input.  :-)
> Dave

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