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Re: [Emc-users] Brass finish question? gene heskett Wed Feb 22 14:00:13 2012

On Wednesday, February 22, 2012 04:09:51 PM andy pugh did opine:

> On 22 February 2012 20:30, gene heskett <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > So, how does one chemically blacken brass?
> Google says:
> http://www.modelshipwrightsdatabase.com/Articles/MetalBlackening.pdf

>From the images there, it appears most of them do leave an excessive amount 
of gloss on the surfaces.  I wonder if an initial cleaning in something 
like Tarnex, which leaves a dull, non glossy, fairly white surface behind 
might help?  It works great on cartridge cases, then the shine is restored 
by an overnight session in my Lyman vibrator with a corn cob and rouge 
carrying media, which I don't do because that media has now been well 
contaminated with case lube.  I don't want the gloss anyway.

I'll go see if Jerry's has any of that G96 brass black this evening, it 
looks about as foolproof as any.

Cheers, Gene
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