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Re: [Enigmail] Followup -- New Key, too... John Clizbe Fri May 02 18:01:27 2008

Barry Smith wrote:
> List(s):
> I checked both my sent folder from the last post, and the message
> from the list.  The signature from my previous key was bad.  I guess
> that means my imported key pair was bad.

If your key was bad, I doubt you you would have been able to make a signature.
Rarely with a bad signature is it ever GnuPG's fault.

> I generated a new keypair, and got a good signature block this time.
> Sidebar -- Would OpenPGP (might be updated) or GnuPG (didn't reinstall)
> ~  be the culprit for a valid key not working under the new install?
> Anyway, I've corrected the problem.
> I'll look in my old key ASC file and see if it is from an older GPG.
> Peace,
> Barry

<snip - I believe this is what keyservers do best>

> Barry Smith wrote:
> | It's been a long road, but I think I figured out the problem that I
> was
> | having with my email / encryption solution.
> |
> | A. As the subject shows, T-Bird was my preferred email package.
> | B. I was running the Add-in WebMail, both the WebMail extension for
> GMail
> | ~   and Y!Mail.
> | C. On top of all of that, I was running Enigmail.  I forget now, but
> I
> | ~   think the install package of GPG gave my workstation WinPT (a
> tool
> | ~   that I love from before I started using Enigmail) and GPA, along
> with
> | ~   another email app... Sylpheed-Claws.
> | ~   1. Even though Sylpheed-Claws is supposed to be
> encryption-friendly,
> | ~      I'm sticking with good ol' T-Bird.
> |
> | I believe my other computer has the same problem that developed on
> this
<long quoted message snipped>

Still arrived with a bad signature. Looks like a line wrapping issue in the long
batch of text you quoted.

Remember to
  1) trim quoted material, and
  2) Don't Top Post

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