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Re: [Enigmail] testing enigmail - signed message Les Fri May 30 06:03:07 2008

Lachezar Dobrev wrote:
>   1/2 OT:
>   I am seeing a substantial fraction of 'newbie' users that persist on
> sending encrypted mails to public lists.
>   I tend to attribute that to misunderstanding of encryption and signing
> technology, rather than misbehavior or intentional wrongdoing.
>   Maybe it would pay-off to greet the members in this list with a custom
> message pointing them to a relatively easy and unencumbered reading as to
> how EXACTLY is encryption work and WHY it does not work with multiple
> UNKNOWN recipients.
>   For those who will counter me with the fact that one can encrypt content
> to multiple recipients I want to stress-out that I am referring to a mailing
> list which contains UNKNOWN recipients.
> 2008/1/30, John Clizbe <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:

My sincere apologies for sending an encrypted email to the list
however since I unsubscribed from the list yesterday at the Yahoo site I
in error I made a reply to welcome a new member to another email group
which I though was PGPnet.

This in part may explain why this is happening frequently.  By rights I
should not be getting emails anymore from the group. I will leave the
solution to the situation in your capable hands.


>> Les wrote:
>>> -----BEGIN PGP MESSAGE-----
>> <snip>
>>> -----END PGP MESSAGE-----
>> gpg: encrypted with 2048-bit ELG-E key, ID 251146A3, created 2008-01-14
>>       "Les <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>"
>> gpg: encrypted with 2048-bit ELG-E key, ID 88633D33, created 2008-01-29
>>       "Jasper Ossentjuk (add 1) <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>"
>> Sending this directly to it's one recipient would be a whole lot
> friendlier than
>> sending an encrypted message that no one else can read to the entire list.
>> Please don't send encrypted test messages to the list, ever; Signed are
> OK.
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