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Re: [Enigmail] Per recipient rule to disable PGP/MIME? Rubin Abdi Fri Feb 03 16:01:19 2012

Patrick Brunschwig wrote, On 2012-01-27 07:46:
> That's definitely possible with Enigmail and should be pretty easy:
> 1. In the account settings (actually on each identity), OpenPGP
> Settings activate the following options:
> - - "sign non-encrypted messages by default"
> - - "sign encrypted messages by default"
> - - "Use PGP/MIME by default"
> 2. Set up per-recipient rules with the following logic:
>   - Action: Do not check further rules for the matching address
>   - Defaults for:
>       Signing: Yes, if ...
>       Encryption: Yes, if ...
>       PGP/MIME: Never

This is the exact same setup I've described a few times already. Anyone
feel like testing this out on their end and let me know that this is
either a bug or I'm still doing something incorrect? Thanks.


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