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Re: [e-users] Confusing desktop for GNOME done by e17 The Rasterman Sat Aug 15 18:30:19 2009

On Sat, 15 Aug 2009 23:37:58 +0200 Ralf Mardorf <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

> Robin wrote:
> > 2009/8/14 Ralf Mardorf <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:
> >   
> >> I suspect it will be a PITA to set X for e17 sessions
> It wasn't, but it was incommodious to do it, now GDM and all WMs/ DEs 
> are using the same wanted resolution. Running e17 I launched 'sudo 
> displayconfig-gtk' and edited the wanted settings, then I logged out and 
> the settings become broken. I started a GNOME session, the settings were 
> still broken. Running 'sudo gedit /etc/X11/xorg.conf' and for three 
> lines changing only the broken resolution, to the wanted resolution, did 
> the trick. There were 3 lines with wrong data, 'modeline', 'Virtual' and 
> 'Modes'. The problem is, that Ubuntu's xorg.conf doesn't look by default 
> like a common xorg.conf and after a reconfiguration by 
> 'displayconfig-gtk' it only will be fine for one session, for following 
> sessions the settings will be broken and can't be set by 
> 'displayconfig-gtk' any more.

this is between you and X. it's not e's job to go configure x. if gdm is coming
up in the wrong res - thats because it's using whatever x uses by default.
entirely not e's problem. e can change resolution with xrandr - and there is a
checkbox "restore on login". e will take care of it when it runs - but gdm is
entirely not its problem. also there not being an enlightenment session option
is a problem of gdm - it doesnt look in other dirs other
than /usr/share/xessions. that means any extra software installed in /usr/local
will be skipped as e will have installed its enlightenment.desktop in
PREFIX/share/xsessions - perfectly correct, but the default for PREFIX
is /usr/local - which is standard for all compiled+installed software. you can
make symlinks to work around this but this is a gdm deficiency for deailign
with software not installed by packages (which are normally in /usr
nor /usr/local thus the files are where expected).

> >> I'm missing the flashy environment I know from the past, at the
> >> moment it's odd.
> I found themes at http://exchange.enlightenment.org/theme, but had no 
> time to install a new theme.
> > For the E17 desktop go to Settings - Settings Panel, maximise  the
> > resulting window. Look for Files, select File Manager and click on
> > Behaviour tab,  adjust to your liking, then select Hal tab and do the
> > same.
> >   
> Thank you Robin :) in addition to installing and then launching by user 
> 'gconf-editor', by apps > nautilus > desktop unchecking 'volumes 
> visible' by a GNOME session, I did what you mentioned. Then I run a 
> GNOME session again and as user 'rm ~/Desktop/*' to delete an invalid 
> 'HOME' link, a going '/tmp' link and a going '/' link.
> Everything is fine now, as soon as possible I'll set up my e17 SVN 
> installation.

e puts those .desktop files there for its filemanager. they are shortcuts/links
to devices and/or bits of the filesystem. yes - nautilus will show them and
display them oddly. to be honest, this doesn't bother us, because you are
expected to be using e, not nautilus. :)

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