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Re: [e-users] enlightenment_remote "retired"? {expletive deleted} Ralf Mardorf Fri Oct 02 07:01:31 2009

Wido wrote:
> BTW, thanks for this great piece of software! you can continue with your
> flame ware now =)

This wasn't a flame ware, but just a frank exchange of views. Btw. I 
read all mails and I also started with computers pre internet age. I'm 
from generation QL, resp. C64, Atari ST and my first PC was a 80286 8MHz 
hardware emulator for the Atari ST. I don't agree that it was harder to 
set up a system in that time. It wasn't better, it wasn't more worth, 
just different. People get in contact without the internet, even lone 
wolfs were able to get those contacts. An advantage of contact without 
the internet is actuality, direct exchange of knowhow, no outdated 
sites, no reading and misunderstanding, no flamewars. No doubt about it, 
the internet sometimes makes things easier, also for people using other 
search engines than the famous one, that does political censorship and 
collecting data.

In general I do agree that Linux is easy to install and to set up for 
averaged needs by using one of the famous distros, if people don't have 
adverse hardware. I don't agree that KDE is hard to set up, while e17 is 
easy to set up. KDE is the most user-friendly DE I know, even if lower 
resolutions might cause trouble, I don't have any trouble with 1024x768, 
also an outdated resolution that isn't fine with all Linux applications, 
because some coders don't use scroll bars. Just yesterday I compiled 
Phasex, seemingly a good virtual synth, that comes with a window that 
don't allow me to access all functions. I like it, that you take care of 
lower resolutions. I'm thinking of setting up a server, I only need a 
case for some hardware I've got. Because of a lack of space I still keep 
an old 14" monitor that is able to do 1024x768, but it's more pleasant 
to use it at 800x600.


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