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Re: [e-users] Set background via command line The Rasterman Sun Oct 18 20:00:06 2009

On Sun, 18 Oct 2009 22:53:13 +0100 Steve Jones <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

> Steve Jones wrote:
> > Hi list,
> > 
> > Now that enlightenment_remote has been retired, I'm a bit stumped on
> > working out how to change e17's wallpaper via the command line. Can
> > anyone give me some pointers please?
> > 
> > TIA,
> > Steve.
> > 
> OK, so I can answer a bit of my own question - I need to be send a dbus
> command to enlightenment, but it seems that the function I need
> (whatever that may be) has not been given a dbus interface. Since I plan
> on being a user and not a dev for e17 (although I'm writing scripts to
> work with it), can someone tell me how I could go about getting the
> relevant function exposed?
> On a similar note (and not wishing to restart the previous discussion on
> the matter), I understand the rationale for replacing the old
> enlightenment_remote with a dbus version, but is there any reason for
> not exposing all the options as dbus calls off the bat? This way, we
> seem to have removed a chunk of functionality that, for me at least, was
> quite useful. I'm aware that it may just be a matter of time and
> re-coding to convert everything - I'm just interested to know what the
> intentions are.

why haven't they been added? the sheer amount of work to add it. probably
15,000 more more lines of c to add in the dbus calls. 10k lines of code is the
entire size of enlightenment 0.10 - it's bigger than many apps/projects. why
isn't it added in? maintenance and work. I don't want to do the work of adding
them in. I don't want to maintain them. the todo list had on it - nuke the ipc
handlers. for al the reasons given. the todo list does not have on it "replace
all the ipc calls with dbus ones". it is possible for people to add modules
that expose such functionality. everything is there - including examples. this
is open source. you scratch your own itches. ipc remote calls to set e's
background is absolutely not an itch of mine. :)

if you can't code... well there's the impetus to learn. you you simply don't
want to learn, or are unable to, then there's always the option of contracting
out to have it done. no such thing as a free lunch. someone pays for it
somewhere. :)

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