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[e-users] Dev question Eduard Bulai Sat Aug 28 04:00:05 2010

 Hello guys!

I've got a client that wants to install a linux distro on his embedded
devices and asked me what would be the best choice in developing the GUI
for his devices.

Basically it's gonna be a touchscreen computer with some security
specific peripherals. My dilemma is: should i use QT for the GUI
development or E17 and then develop some slick looking desktop gadgets
for it? From what i read, developing graphical interfaces for E17 is
quite easy and straightforward. I'm inclined to use E17 in combination
Compiz for this  job to create a really good GUI but it has a c++
written backend so i need to know wich should i use.

I hope you understood my English and the details related to my dilemma!

Thanks a lot,
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