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Re: [e-users] Trying to migrate from e16 to e17. Things missing? The Rasterman Sun Feb 12 20:00:07 2012

On Thu, 9 Feb 2012 19:35:21 -0800 Marc MERLIN <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> said:

hey marc! :)

> Howdy,
> I'm a long time e16 user, and I'm giving e17 one more shot after a few
> tries in the last 10 years.
> Can you help me figure out if I did anything wrong and point me to the
> right places if needed?
> I got 0.16.999.55225-1 from debian-testing and I see from 

going to need to say this... that's quite old and a LOT has been fixed or
improved since. (that's a package from about december 2010)... we have released
tarballs, releases of efl and snapshots since. no debian developer has seen fit
to package them.

> http://www.enlightenment.org/p.php?p=download&l=en
> that 0.16.999.65643 is latest. Not sure if debian is trailing because of
> stability issues, or because they're slacking :)


> Here are the issues I have so far:
> 1) If I move a window half way off screen, it doesn't strattle both
>    screens like it did in e16. Last I asked Raster (a few years ago) he
>    said that was normal then. I kind of miss that.
>    Is there a way to get this to work, or not really?

basically - no. desktops in e17 are an all or nothing thing. a window belongs
to a desktop or it doesn't. if it doesn't it's now shown when you switch that
desktop. there really is no way to make this different without making
fundamental changes to e17 (as this means we always have to move windows
instead of show/hide and this does create issues for crash recovery, windows
trying to remember their own geometry like many apps do etc.)

> 2) systray. 
>    The mailing list says to read the FAQ but does not give a
>    link. I already read http://trac.enlightenment.org/e/wiki/FAQ
>    Is it the right FAQ?

it's there- systray module. add systray gadget to your shelf once you loaded
it. it will have issues and gotchas, but it does work.

>    It says there is a systray but I have enabled it in system/modules and
>    it does not seem to show up anywhere.
>    Is it buggy in my version, or am I not understanding where it shows up?
>    For now I'm using stalonetray and that works.

load module, then add systray to your chosen shelf (in shelf contents - right
click menu on shelf).

> 3) Can I get the pager to snapshot windows like it did in e16?

no. this is something slated for a future e version, as compositing isnt a core
feature of e17 (it's a module).

> 4) battery widget does not show battery value, while 'acpi' does.

i've never had this not work. battery supports hal, udev and its own internal
battery status fetcher and all work for me. always have worked.

> 5) what does the dbus extension do?

adds dbus api's to e17 - it's an example of how to extend e17's dbus api's so
you can remote control e more.

> 6) temperature widget shows 'NA' and setup shows nothing on how to
>    configure it.

it didn't find a temperature sensor (that is in the list of sensors it
supports/knows about).

> 7) the black and white theme (default) does not allow me to expand
>    window sizes from their sides. Just from the top and bottom.
>    Is that by design in that theme? (I haven't tried other ones yet, for
>    some reason debian only seems to ship one).

design decision. you can change theme or border styles to have any kind of
border you like. :)

> 8) I used to get a list of active windows with alt+middle mouse button,
>    but I see e17 has been neutered to only work with the first button.
>    Is there a way (another theme?) to use all 3 mouse buttons again?

middle click on desktop for the same, or ctrl+menu key for that menu
you can also alt+tab, or use alt+esc (everything), ore just menu key to get
main menu (and windows is a child menu of that) all can be kbd driven (eg:
menu, w, right, down, down, enter -> this pops up main menu, selects "w" for
windows, right goes into submenu, down 2 times and enter to select that window).

you can change the mouse buttons bound for the menus above - see:
  settings -> input -> mouse buttons


> Thanks,
> Marc
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