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[e-users] Fixing autostart config without wiping it? Marc MERLIN Tue Feb 21 15:01:37 2012

I steup a bunch of xfce4 terminals on my screen, I set them up perfectly,
and used the window remember screen in advanced mode.

I launched the windows with:
xfce4-terminal  -T window1 --role=window1 &
xfce4-terminal  -T window2 --role=window2 &
xfce4-terminal  -T window3 --role=window3 &

e17 properly saw the role, so I told it to remember using 'window role' and
'start this program on login'

After restarting, my windows popped up, but e16 didn't capture the command
line arguments, so it just launched xfce4-terminal a bunch of times, and
didn't put the windows in the right place since it couldn't capture the

I'd like to cut my losses and tell e17 to stop autolaunching those
terminals, I'll just launch them from xinitrc.

But, I can't tell it to stop because windows it launched have the wrong

Apparently, this is saved in ~/e/config/standard/e.cfg in some unfriendly
binary format I can't just fix with vi to remove the bad lines (grr, ascii
was fine, I miss it).

I went in E config/apps/startup applications and restart applications and I
do not find my xfce4-terminal lines there.

How to get them removed without wiping my entire E config?

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