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[e-users] screen dimming in multimonitor setup? Christian Herzog Tue Apr 03 23:00:32 2012


I just switched back from Gnome to e17 (2 gfx cards, 4 monitors, no way
Gnome3 can do that...) and I again feel very much at home w/ e17. One thing I
wonder tho: when I maximize 2+ dark gnome-terminals on a desktop, the whole
screen gets dimmed, but only on one of my monitors. I was suspecting hardware
first, but it only happens with e. I checked the ACPI modules and even
unloaded it, but that's not it.
Is there any functionality in e that could explain that?

I'm on Ubuntu precise, e 0.16.999.55225 from Ubuntu repos. Gfx cards are
NVIDIA, binary driver.

thanks a lot,

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