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[Entombed] Dual Wielding and weapon breaking Shadow Dragon Thu Aug 20 20:01:40 2009

Just wanted to throw in my two cents on dual wielding.

While its not impossible for a human to wield two large weapons, or semi-large 
anyway, aka scimitars, longswords, sabres, etc, it would be really tough to do. 
I think this should honestly be a skill that only certain classes should have, 
for example, a mage shouldn't in my opinion be competently wielding two 
daggers. My reasoning is that in combat, its hard enough to control one weapon, 
much less two. You have to concentrate on each arm sepperately, force each limb 
to act differently than the other limb, especially when fighting multiple 
opponents. Sure you could just wade into battle swinging two longswords like 
cleavers, but with all the realism put into entombed combat I imagine nothing 
that inexperienced and dangerous is depicted while in combat. I do agree humans 
shouldn't be able to dual wield large weapons, I imagine a large long sword as 
it is now as more of a heavy broadsword, or on the larger end, a greatsword. 
Two broadswords is pushing the bounds of realism into unrealistic fantasy 
teritory, and two greatswords, well, given that it's a two handed weapon 
anyway, you'd need a couple of extra arms or the strength of a giant. I don't 
think there should be any direct distinction between what can be used as a 
primary and secondary weapon, that's pushing the boundries of realism in the 
other direction since technically anyone could pick up any two weapons and 
learn to wield them effectively provided they were strong enough. But I do 
think it needs to be limited to a select few combat oriented classes rather 
than having everyone be able to wield two weapons.

As for weapon breaking, if its dead set going to be put in the game, I strongly 
agree with the need for one of two things. Either a skill in certain classes to 
allow for repairs, I've always hated having a really nice weapon break with no 
chance of recovery, or the introduction of professions that would be sepperate 
from classes. You wouldn't necessarily be able to level them up, they could 
just be things you did before you went into the dungeon, aside from your 
obvious class training. You could have things like blacksmith, which would give 
you the repairing skill, merchant which could help you get better deals in 
shops, etc. Just an idea, and I imagine given all the content already planned 
its more likely that a skill will be introduced to classes, but yeah, just 
throwing it out there.
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