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Re: [Entombed] GETTING RID OF PAST CHARACTERS reed dcl Tue Feb 07 22:00:46 2012

hi, this message is only  for the brave at heart and i do not accept any 
responsibility for the loss of your saved games, or  inconvenience caused, as 
this will helpful tips will  help u in the long run but if done incorrectly, 
will surely revert your game to its factory unregistered state. and you will 
have to log in to your account again.
I am only providing this tip to help out,  and I am by no means offering hits 
on cheats here.
I do understand the frustration with certain behaviors in the game and this is 
merely my remedy to fix it.
ok enough with the clap trap.
here we go.

ok,  grab a cup of coffee, sit down relax and I take you step by step.
first pay attention.
lets start from scratch.
0. close entombed.
1. go to your documents, or my documents folder, depending on the version of 
windows u are using.
2. look for the folder that says saved games.
3. delete it! remember, if u are having any games in progress that u want to 
finish do not follow along as u will cry bitter tears of sorrow. this will 
delete your any saved games and u will not be able to load them again. 
obviously. that is, until u create new ones.
but any way, on with the lesson
4. open up entombed
choose upgrade to the full version in the main menu and follow the prompts to 
get re registered again.
5. now start a brand new game. 
6. save as normal.
7. good u are now registered and u are playing happily along. right. ok. good. 
but now.  lets say 2 weeks from now after u had played like ten or more games 
and u have saved a few, and you have died in even more of them. u start to 
notice your characters are coming back from the grave, and u also notice that u 
are getting hit harder then usual and no matter how many games u start it just 
seems more and more difficult to get along?
well here, is when we are going to do our magic.
but hear me now. for this, I decree.
if u go along in the next steps you must be prepared you will lose all saved 
games, all abilities to load saved games and all data bout your past characters 
will be lost for good. but if that is what you want. continue reading.

 pleas put down that coffee now. and listen closely, if u going to make a 
mistake here? you will surely revert entombed back to its non registered state. 
obviously this is not what we want. we merely want to tell the game to forget 
all data about you and your characters  and start afresh. 
so here's what we do.\
8. go to the saved games folder, refer to  above for instructions on where to 
find them.
there u will find a folder called entombed saves. under that sub folder you 
will find a folder called, all players. open it up. and depending on the game 
configuration you may find up to seven files.
note that the size of the all players folder must be around 40 megs or so, then 
u no u found the right folder. 
any way here are the files u should see in that folder.
note that you may not always have all the files listed here, but the files I 
want us to work with I will mention below.
9. those are the seven files. now, leave the following files alone. i repeat 
repeat repeat repeat! do not touch the following files.
they are.
ok. as u can see the files that we can delete safely out of this folder is the 
ones I did not mention. that is to say. the files I did not include in. the 
don't touch list. and they are.
these 4 files u can delete safely. and your game will not revert back to its 
non registered state
10. restart entombed
11. start a new game and save again when u get to the first level.
12. important, remember not to try and load a saved game once u started 
entombed because obviously there is no saved games there. the only thing u will 
load is a very happy windows error reporting application, trying to fix the 

but hear me now. for this, I decree.
you will lose all saved games, all abilities to load saved games and all data 
bout your past characters will be lost for good.
now a question of my own.
does entombed have a hard moad as well.and if I want to play it, what keystroke 
do I press when starting the game?

one other thing, if any of my tips here are found to be incorrect or 
incomplete? pleas pleas pleas do not hezitate to let me know.
thanks, have a good day.

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