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Re: [Entombed] memory problems reed dcl Tue Feb 21 23:00:49 2012

Messagewindows eight they say wil have the same. or almost the same system 
requirements as windows 7.
but  what I want to test out is its system factory reset option. where windows 
can reinstall itself. but still keep all your user files and programs safe.
they say it alsob boots faster. wil have to check it out.
now sory for this i know this is way off toppic but I sure wish our screen 
reader companies wil actually get support available faster for new technologies 
and not play the catch up game
I sometimes get the feeling they are deliberately playing the holding back 
game.  there is a lopt of new features they could have put in to jfw. 11 or 12 
yet they wait for every new fursion that comes out yearly to make changes.
then they  charge us a hefty price primium or something they could have fixed 
long ago
its sad. o the when you ask them for help those arogant basterd swords tells us 
go to your dealer. 
that really is not a very welcome attetude for one of your customers now is it.
sorry. I'm done raving now.,

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