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Re: [eskiepeople:16431] Fw: Chili Cook-Off Winners/late priority post Louise Coyer Fri Jan 28 14:00:03 2011

Yes, Dorothy, it really is a nice break for those of us in rescue who eat, 
sleep, and breathe (literally) Eskies.  If I remember correctly that was one of 
Perry's goals when they started this group way back when.
There ARE groups out there that deal solely with rescue and if someone is 
looking for a strictly rescue topic group, it is easy enough to find them.  
group goes above and beyond that.  Yes, some of us know the others better and 
longer.  Just hang out here long enough and you'll soon be an "oldtimer" too.  
The way all of us got "known" and in the "inner sanctum" (tongue in cheek there 
as if there is such a thing it was never intended to be), was by hanging out 
through thick and thin, through sorrow and joys.  We have shared so much more 
our lives here than just our dogs.  The dogs are PRIORITY.  That goes without 
saying so we don't bother to say it.  You can't possibly hang out here very 
without getting that.  Instead of thinking of us as being the "inner circle" 
think of us as being veterans of many battles who find camaraderie in each 
other's company.
Perry & Stacie, I am thinking of you and Jazmyn daily and my heart hurts for 
you.  Please give Jazmyn a gentle hug and kiss from Ray & I.  She is indeed a 
very special girl.
PS:  Here's an off topic comment.  I got your Christmas card the other day 
Stacie.  You were the last (so far), but not by much.  Clara Rogers came only a 
few days earlier.  : )  <huge grins and thanks for sending them out even though 
late>  They were enjoyed just as much if not more than if they'd arrived on 
time.  And of course it makes me feel like I was downright "on time" by mailing 
ours out on Christmas eve.  LOLOL
Louise, Ray, and the Furkids
Ray and Louise Coyer, Directors
Walnut Hill Farm Am. Eskimo Dog Rescue
IL-IN-KY Heart Bandits Chapter Directors
Heart Bandits Am. Eskimo Dog Rescue, Inc.
www .heartbandits.com 


Sent: Thu, January 27, 2011 7:01:02 PM
Subject: Re: [eskiepeople:16424] Fw: Chili Cook-Off Winners
LOL!!  I think it's nice that other topics can be discussed and shared here.  
Kind of a break for those of you who are really involved with the rescue work.  
Gotta rest the mind sometimes.


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