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Re: Ubuntu Ibex on single SATA Seagate disk, ext3 Tweeks Fri Mar 13 13:00:44 2009

On Thursday 12 March 2009, James McKain [Gmail] wrote:
> I'm having a strange problem I've never seen before.  Sometimes my system
> crashes, and upon restart I am missing *at least* a handful of files.  They
> are completely gone and untraceable.  At first I forced fsck on reboot, and
> that helped recover some of them, but the problem continues.  I have no
> clue even where to start tracing this.  Can anyone help?  The system is a
> new AMD Phenom on a SATA Seagate 1Tb disk.  Ubuntu Ibex is the only OS
> loaded, on ext3 partitioned 5 ways.
> My system just crashed today, and now that I'm back up and running there is
> one file in particular that is completely gone.  I haven't touched this
> file in months, and it just up and disappeared.
> I checked with Seagate to see if my drive was part of the recall, it's not.
> (so they say)

Test it using smart:

# smartctl -T permissive -d ata -s on /dev/sda
# smartctl -T permissive -d ata -t long /dev/sda && sleep 2h && smartctl -T 
permissive -d ata -l selftest /dev/sda

If the output is all %00, then the drive is passing it's self test.  If it's 
failing before it reached %00 (down form 100%) then it's failing.. get your 
stuff off asap.


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