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[Factor-talk] Functional mandel Eduardo Cavazos Thu Sep 11 06:02:26 2008


I messed around with a "functional" version of mandel. In this 
version 'mandel' is:

        : mandel ( -- data ) ppm-header render append ;

I.e. 'ppm-header' and 'render' return byte arrays which are then appended.

The current 'render' is:

: render ( -- )
    height [ width swap '[ _ c pixel color % ] each ] each ; inline

To get the functional version, throw out the '%' and convert the calls 
to 'each' with 'map concat':

: render ( -- data )
  height [ width swap '[ _ c pixel color ] map concat ] map concat ; inline

Taking the 'ppm-header' from my previous note and converting it:

: ppm-header ( -- data )
  width number>string height number>string
    { "P6\n" WIDTH " " HEIGHT "\n255\n" }
  concat >byte-array ; inline

Of course this version of mandel is slower than the versions where a byte 
vector is appended to. Is there a chance that a functional version along 
these lines might someday be just as fast?


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