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Re: [Factor-talk] os threading locks vocab Phil Dawes Wed Oct 21 14:00:24 2009

Hi Doug,

Doug Coleman wrote:
> Phil,
> I think it makes sense to totally separate out all of the new  
> threading from the green threads implementation like we do for native/ 
> libc io so we can bootstrap with either one until all of the issues  
> are resolved.  The current API can probably be a starting point, but I  
> think the implementation will have to completely change for native  
> threads.

maybe concurrency.osthreads.* ?

> I made a new branch "startup" that renamed add-init-hook to add- 
> startup-hook and added shutdown hooks where it made sense.  The boot- 
> quotation is now run inside a with-destructors, so startup hooks can  
> call &dispose to avoid adding shutdown hooks where disposables are  
> created.  I've only added a couple shutdown hooks for things like  
> cleaning up Winsock resources.
> The exit primitive is now called (exit) and the exit word calls  
> shutdown hooks before exiting.  One problem with this approach is that  
> the with-destructors cleanup gets denied by the call to (exit) since  
> the cleanup will never get a chance to run.  I added a shutdown hook  
> that cleans up any global destructors to handle this case, but maybe  
> there's a better solution?  Anyway, it's a pretty good start and it  
> should get merged within the next few days.  Just wanted to give you a  
> heads up so that you don't start on a similar project.

That sounds really cool, I'll check out the branch.
I was thinking of adding atomic ops to the vm next (in vm/cpu-*.S). Let 
me know if anybody else is about to do this and I'll hold fire. The last 
time I chatted with Slava on IRC he was thinking of implementing a GIL 
as a step on the way to full vm threading so I'm thinking about how that 
could be done.



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