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Re: [Factor-talk] windows pipe race condition? (native threads) Phil Dawes Fri Oct 30 17:00:17 2009

Paul Moore wrote:
> 2009/10/30 Phil Dawes <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:
> I wonder, could you use a named pipe (I know Factor already uses named
> pipes under the hood) and pass around the name, so that each client
> can open a write handle of its own on the pipe? That way, you don't
> have a single port/handle for all clients. In effect, run
> "open-other-end" in each client separately.

I tried that, but couldn't get more than one writer to successfully open 
the named-pipe. Do you know if this is possible? (I didn't spend much 
time on that so maybe there's a flag I was missing)

Having the write end block while it sends appears to work ok so I guess 
I'll revisit this if that turns out to be a latency problem.

Thanks again!


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