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[Factor-talk] Parsing factor-rc and update vocab-roots Martial Boniou Sun Apr 10 03:00:07 2011


I recently discover the need to add my own vocabulary outside the *work* 
directory. Say, for a vocab like '/my/path/foo/bar', I simply wrote:
"/my/path" add-vocab-root
USING: namespaces foo.bar

It works well in the scratchpad but not in my .factor-rc. I got a parsing error 
"Vocabulary does not exist...". I presume the parser checks the vocabulary 
existence before compiling the file.

I wrote something like:
"/my/path" add-vocab-root
"/.init.factor" rc-path ?run-file

And add in my rc-path a file named ".init.factor" which contains this line:
USING: namespaces foo.bar

and everything works as I expected.

Is there a better way ? Is there a future plan to change the path checking for 
this kind of vocab-roots manipulation ? I know I may write "/my/path" in 
".factor.roots" but I want to be able to generate my path programmatically.

As a concrete example, you may look at my messy dot files repository in 
- .factor-rc
- .emacs-factor
- .factor.d


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