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Re: Fedora 13 Schedule Jesse Keating Wed Nov 25 10:00:20 2009

On Wed, 2009-11-25 at 07:58 -0600, Mike Chambers wrote:
> I was just looking at that as well, and have came up with 5 months of
> development/testing (including from date F12 was released) for the
> cycle?  Just curious, isn't that kind of short?  And as stated above,
> not even realy 5 months, since all the major holidays are included in
> this cycle.

Keep in mind that we've been able to do F-13 builds since 8/28 of 2009,
and while they weren't mirrored it was possible to consume these builds
and develop software against them.

Fedora currently aims to have a May1 / Oct 31 release set, and thus
those are the target areas we use when setting up schedules for the
associated releases.  We then adjust for various factors, such as other
distro release dates and upstream release dates, but for better or
worse, we are currently a time based release with predictable release

If people want this to change, it really needs to happen at a FESCo or
Board level.  Releng is just creating the schedules with the current
constraints we have to work with.

Jesse Keating
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