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08/26/2011 Seeking for package review - Berusky 2 game Martin Stransky
08/22/2011 f16 alpha rc5 softraided /boot Rudolf Kastl
08/21/2011 OpenCV update to 2.3.1 (ABI change). Nicolas Chauvet
08/19/2011 Changing default setting of bash's hash table? Roman Rakus
08/19/2011 Is there any guideline / examples to package lisp packages ? Kushal Das
08/18/2011 Fedora kernel bug day. Dave Jones
08/10/2011 boot.fedoraproject.org (bfo) Rudolf Kastl
08/09/2011 Re: [PATCH] macros: Globally add --disable-silent-rules to configure Jan Kratochvil
08/09/2011 [PATCH] macros: Globally add --disable-silent-rules to configure Colin Walters
08/04/2011 heads-up: qt 4.8 in f16/rawhide Jaroslav Reznik
08/03/2011 hosts3d: retired and orphaned package Simon Wesp
08/02/2011 Orphaning moovida* Graeme Gillies
08/02/2011 Re: new cg-manager gui tool for managin cgroups Vivek Goyal

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