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02/27/2012 Re: Xaw3d 1.6.1 soname bump Adam Jackson
02/26/2012 Xaw3d 1.6.1 soname bump Orion Poplawski
02/23/2012 Re: PyXML package - deprecate it? Toshio Kuratomi
02/23/2012 How to determine FAS from BZ email? Miroslav Suchý
02/21/2012 PyXML package - deprecate it? Roman Rakus
02/13/2012 ConsoleKit in F17 Matthias Clasen
02/08/2012 gfortran module versioning - f17/rawhide fortran module rebuild needed Orion Poplawski
02/04/2012 help with adding systemd support to a package. Itamar Reis Peixoto
02/03/2012 nsca 2.9.1 Xavier Bachelot
02/03/2012 Unable to delete pkg 'blktool'? Jeff Garzik
02/02/2012 gnome-shell in rawhide Matthias Clasen
02/02/2012 PHP 5.4 and build of PECL ZTS extension. Remi Collet
02/02/2012 Moving gnustep to clang/llvm Jochen Schmitt
02/02/2012 gnome-shell breakage in rawhide Matthias Clasen
02/01/2012 review of bacula-docs Itamar Reis Peixoto

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