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Re: F10 HD install - anyone successfully done this? Mike Cloaked Fri Nov 28 15:00:27 2008

Mike Cloaked wrote:
> Indeed so but the crucial difference is the extra "/" in the path
> definition at "sdc5:/iso-images" in the kernel line.... in all past
> versions of Fedora doing something similar required the path relative to
> the top of the 

In fact I have now checked the official install guide at 

and one sees that for the HD install the guide says "Also specify the
Directory holding images....":

Partition type  Volume  Original path to files  Directory to use
VFAT, NTFS      D:\     D:\Downloads\F10        Downloads/F10
ext2, ext3      /home   /home/user1/F10         user1/F10

One can see that the official documentation in the latter case omits the
crucial "/" on the right hand side.

This needs to be amended in the official F10 install guide since the
released F10 isos cannot be changed at this stage.
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