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Re: How to change default page size in Firefox to A4 Andrea Fri Jul 31 13:00:40 2009

On 31/07/09 20:38, Mike Cloaked wrote:

Andrea-60 wrote:

I would like to set the default page size in firefox to A4,
but there seems to be no way of doing it.

Each time the page size is reset to US Letter.

CUPS has a default page size of A4 and all other application (okular,
evince...) honour it.

Forgot to say, I'm on Fedora 11, Firefox 3.5.1

If you go to about:config and check the lines starting with "print..." then
for your printer you may find a line with the print details - if it is
na_letter maybe this can be changed to iso_A4 ?  Make sure any other
parameters are set correctly also... I have not had to change mine and the
first time I used the printer and changed to A4 I think it did stick...

Thanks. It worked.

What is the difference between na_letter and letter, and A4 and iso_A4.
I would qualify it as a bug, which seems to have been there for ages (reading 
other reports on google).


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