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Re: reorganizing /home's Craig White Wed Sep 30 18:00:44 2009

On Wed, 2009-09-30 at 17:42 -0500, Michael Hennebry wrote:
> On Wed, 30 Sep 2009, Craig White wrote:
> > On Wed, 2009-09-30 at 12:13 -0500, Michael Hennebry wrote:
> >> I'm dual booting F9 and F11.
> >> There is a partition that mounts on F9:/home and on F11:/home.
> >> I suspect that my ~/.* directories are stepping on each other.
> >> I want to reorganize so that the to-be-former home partition
> >> mounts on F9:/homes and on F11:/homes.
> >> F9:/home would be a symbolic link to /homes/F9.
> >> F11:/home would be a symbolic link to /homes/F11.
> >> User fred would have home directories with canonical names
> >> /homes/F9/fred and /homes/F11/fred .
> >> Each would have a symbolic link to /homes/fred,
> >> his old home directory.
> >>
> >> Once upon a time, I would boot from a live CD,
> >> reorganize the directories, and edit the fstabs.
> >> IIRC fstabs now get rewritten at boot time.
> >> Mere hand editing won't do the trick.
> >> What will do the trick?
> >>
> >> Also, is there a way to use labels instead of those awful UUIDs?
> >> I concede their usefullness if one has
> >> a lot of disks or a lot of turnover.
> >> I have four disks.
> > ----
> > first, the fact that you are dual booting F9 and F11 demonstrates the
> > need to use UUID's
> I don't get the connection.
> Why not labels?
> > second - if you want to muck around with /home, probably better to just
> > mount and 'bind' mount (see 'man mount') because then you won't have
> > issues with things like selinux but remember that you will have to edit
> > the 'users' $HOME in /etc/passwd to reflect the change for each
> > installation...
> >
> > (assuming /home/Fedora11/ is where users home folders are)
> On F11, /home will be a symbolic link to /homes/F11
> fred's home directory will be /homes/F11/fred aka /home/fred .
> > i.e.
> >
> > mkdir /home/F9
> > mkdir /home/F11
> >
> > edit /etc/fstab
> > /home/Fedora11 /home/F11   bind,rw  0 0
> >
> > edit /etc/fstab (dangerous) might want to use system tools to do this
> > craig:x:500:500:Craig White:/home/F11/craig:/bin/bash
> This suggests to me that I did not remember correctly,
> i.e. the boot sequence will not write over fstab.
> Is that correct?
> Will the boot sequence leave fstab alone?
> > I'd probably forget about symbolic links but you might be able to make
> > them work
first...I made a mistake which I would like to correct.

edit /etc/fstab (dangerous) might want to use system tools to do this
craig:x:500:500:Craig White:/home/F11/craig:/bin/bash

should have been to edit /etc/passwd

second, there are many good reasons to use uuid in references in /etc/fstab and 
/boot/grub/grub.conf and some of them are listed here...
this author glosses over the most obvious reason...that an install with Fedora 
9 & 11 will leave you with 2 /boot partitions and probably 2 / partitions.

Inherent in the logic that wants to use /dev/sda1 for /boot is the assumption 
that it will always be a particular hard drive but this depends upon nothing 
ever changing and things always change.

Using UUID's makes changes in BIOS order of hard drives insignificant.

I am not exactly sure why you bothered asking the list about all of this if you 
are determined to do symbolic links and the old style labels.

I suspect that if you go your route, you will end up with a confused, difficult 
to maintain, selinux off dual-boot computer but it is your computer and you 
should do as you please.

but the answer to your last question...No, boot sequence will never over 
write/change /etc/fstab


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