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apache 2.2.16 and directory Alain Roger Mon Sep 27 00:00:07 2010


when i use apache httpd under windows i have no problem to setup it, however
under fedora 13 i have some little problems.
I guess it is due to my limited knowledge of Fedora 13 and apache

like under Windows OS, i would like to have different directories under
fedora which will represent my different tools.
for example if my fedora server address is and i have a tool
named 'tool1' URL should look like:

where 'tool1' should be be found in /var/www/html/tool1/ directory.

how can i do that under fedora ?
Should the directory have particular rights ?

Windows 7 x64 / Fedora 13
PostgreSQL 8.3.5 / MySQL 5
Apache 2.2.16
PHP 5.3.1
C# 2005-2008
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