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Re: F16 occasionally breaks RAID1 (md) on boot Andreas M. Kirchwitz Tue Feb 21 18:00:29 2012

Sam Varshavchik <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

 > Yup. But I did find a final solution, eventually.
 > Take a survey of all your mdraid UUIDs. Reconcile it against your  
 > /etc/default/grub. GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX should include rd.md.uuid={UUID} for  
 > all mdraid UUIDs. Add the missing ones there. Rerun /sbin/grub2-mkconfig to  
 > rebuild grub.cfg, updating the command line used to boot all installed  
 > kernels, and making sure that kernel upgrades get the updated command line  
 > from /etc/default/grub.
Thanks for this excellent workaround, Sam! Now after about a week and
a lot of reboots I haven't had a single RAID failure. It's really great!

Maybe that should be put on the "Common F16 bugs" page as it might
help a lot of people (maybe some of them haven't even noticed that
their RAIDs are broken).

And thanks a lot for your explanation of the technical background
of this bug.

        Greetings, Andreas
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