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Re: [fetchmail] no module named Tkinter Hierodeacon Peter Fri Dec 13 08:24:45 2002

Dear Lim Eng Chye,

Greetings in Christ our Saviour.

I don't know what flavour of Linux you are running, but I know that Redhat has an rpm called tkinter that I would think would take care of that. I'm not certain, but I think it is a reasonable guess.

If you don't have Redhat, you could search rpmfind.net for tkinter and I imagine you could probably find it there.

With love in Christ,

Peter, hierodeacon

Dormition Skete
A Monastery of the Russian Orthodox Autonomous Church

Lim Eng Chye wrote:
i have installed the latest fetchmail downloaded from fetchmail site. i tried to run fetchconf and received an error message "No module name Tkinter". how do i resolve this error?
thank you very much.