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RE: [fetchmail]How to set up cram-md5 auth? Marco Fioretti Thu Mar 11 15:00:49 2004

 Contents of .fetchmailrc?
set logfile "/home/marco/.log_fetch_mail"
set postmaster "marco"
set nobouncemail
set properties ""
#set daemon 60

poll popmail.inwind.it with proto POP3
       user m.fioretti there with password mypassword is marco here fetchall

Using proto APOP doesn't change anything. Where is the popauth program
mentioned in the Fetchmail FAQ? I need that to initialize this function, or not?

> Looks like something broke at the ISP end.

Their brain, but a long time ago. I am shopping for a better one, but must keep
this account
alive in the meantime.

Seriously, what could it be? Could I patch it on my end in any way? This 
webmail is
killing me, I need to go back to mutt asap...

Please don't hesitate to ask any firther info or testing on my syustem.