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[fetchmail]query state=2 (SOCKET) Roberto Meyer Tue Sep 12 20:12:45 2006

Hi, (I sent this message to fetchmail-users mailing list too :-)

I translated the error message in the subject of this mail from
spanish, I don't know if it shows exactly like this in other systems.

I'm running processes for each user from crontabs. I get error
messages, not always, not always from the same user's cron job. I'm
running Debian Sarge with fetchmail: 6.2.5.

I'm stuck. I've tried IMAP and POP3 and didn't find much difference.
Fetchmail is connecting to Courier-IMAP or/and Courier-POP.

Each user has a .fetchmailrc which looks like this:
poll mail.mydomain.com
       protocol POP3
       user "[EMAIL PROTECTED]"
       pass "pass"
       smtpaddress "mydomain.com"

Each user's cron job (8 at this time) is set to:
*/5 * * * *     fetchmail -vvv 1>> fe.log 2>&1

where fe.log is a log file at user's home directory.

Here the error I found at many fe.log:

fetchmail: 6.2.5 interrogando a mail.mydomain.com (protocolo POP3) en lun 11 s
fetchmail: error `socket' recibiendo de mail.mydomain.com
fetchmail: 6.2.5 interrogando mail.mydomain.com (protocolo POP3) en lun 11 sep
fetchmail: Estado de la consulta=2 (SOCKET)
fetchmail: terminaciĆ³n normal, estado 2

As a plus, people at this organization is downloading mail using
something calles "mail diamond" for Winbug without problem :-(

I'll appreciate any help. TIA,


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