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Re: [Fink-users] I install 10.7.3 OSX Lion and now have problems with fink Juan Courcoul Mon Apr 02 23:00:35 2012

On Apr 2, 2012, at 5:52 PM, Alexander Hansen wrote:

> On 4/2/12 11:37 AM, Richard Miles wrote:
>> When I try to install fink it says:
>> Veryifying that installed Xcode version is supported…
>> Found Xcode version: 3.2.2
>> ERROR: This version of fink need at least Xcode 4.1 on this OS C version.
>> I have installed Xcode for Lion 4.1
>> Where can I find Xcode version 3.2.2 so I can erase it?
> If you downloaded Xcode 4.1 from the App store, it doesn't actually 
> install immediately.  It instead installs an installer, called "Install 
> Xcode", in your Applications folder.  You'd need to run that.

The new v4.3.2 Xcode downloaded via the App Store shows up as an application 
itself in the Applications folder and the /Developer folder is gone. But you 
still have to run it, choose a few settings and let it do its thing before 
being ready to use. This new flavor of Xcode is rather odd, to say the least; 
one big humongous app that purportedly contains all or most that was found all 
over the Developer folder. Still in the process of wrapping my brain around the 
thing…  Or you can opt out, just download the command-line version and avoid 
the multi gigabyte download, as explained in other threads.

BTW, my heartfelt thanks to Dr. Hansen and the great Fink team for all the 
myriad hours of effort into getting things just right with this latest cat and 
all its foibles. Just completed an updatefest on my MBP, including 10.7.3, EFI 
flash, many apps, Xcode, Fink and all the stuff I have on Fink. The whole 
process went smooth as butter, no errors and all is well. 

J. Courcoul
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