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Re: [Flightgear-users] webcam-only headtracker addon (WIP) Melchior FRANZ Sun Feb 28 19:00:11 2010

* Ron Jensen -- Monday 01 March 2010:
> Melchoir, looks very interesting.  Almost enough to make me want to buy
> a web-cam.  And a dual core processor.  And more ram.  :)

Hehe ... that's always nice, no matter what.  :-)

> Lee, It looks like he is using the generic protocol,

Yes. Two generic UDP streams, one in each direction.

> Also, it appears nasal (or some other mechanism) is required to convert [...]

I could, of course, write to /sim/current-view/ directly, but then I'd
have to transmit more data, and Nasal glue code is always nice, be it
only for rapid prototyping reasons.

The thing works much better already. A bit too jittery still, though, 
which is why I'm using lowpass filters, and that makes view changes
a bit too sluggish. I have to ask the ehci guy about that. But it's
still nice to just turn the head slightly to the left and to magically
look out the window in fgfs, without any apparent mechanism. The face
detection stuff is quite nice. And some of the problems may have to do
with my room (and my face? :-). 

I was a bit too generous calling the software "F/OSS". It's not "F" in
the GPL sense, at least I don't think it's GPL compatible. ehci doesn't
have a license at all. Another thing I have to investigate. This situation
is why I made the fg tracker parts non (L)GPL for now. I thought that MIT/X11
should work with opencv. An inclusion in sg or fg isn't feasible. It would
also not make that much sense, IMHO. The external approach is more modular,
and can easily be re-used for other headtracker solutions.


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