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Re: [Flightgear-users] apparent Flightgear list-exploit George Patterson Mon Mar 26 02:01:02 2012

On 26 March 2012 12:25, Robert Black <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> I'm more inclined to go with the other guy Ron. Take your hard disk and mail 
> it registered, to a proffesional high security crusher, and put the computer 
> in a sealed plastic bag to have it incinerated. My god man, we are talking 
> about having all our personal information compromised here. Don't be so 
> casual about it.

Huh.. All our personal information?? Don't be so dramatic as it is is
just as dangerous. Yelling out Fire! in a crowded room....

I don't think that I have seen the email. So it may not have even been
sent via sourceforge nor flightgear but just spoofed the subject line
with a from address that was acceptable to some server.

Information required from Ted Clayton, to determine the case:

* Subject line
* Full headers

> An exception might be if your running Linux with Firefox and noscript then 
> you might be able to breathe a little easier.

If it was sent via the mailing list, I should have received it. Unless
Google Gmail silently drops emails which contain viruses. Repeat after
me, Quarantine, do not Delete.

Gawd, I wish I could invoice for each of these issues.. comes up too
often and generally mishandled by people, both hobbyists and



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