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[fluent-nhib] Re: Any idea when new version (> of NuGet package for FNH will be released tbushell Fri Feb 03 06:06:38 2012

On Jan 25, 3:23 pm, Joe Brockhaus <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> i've wondered as well. I've been putting off upgrading my NH core and FNH
> specifically for these reasons, despite having to come up with annoying
> workarounds for issues fixed in later builds.

I recently spent many, many days trying to upgrade from FNH 1.0 / NH
2.1.2 to FNH 1.3 / NH 3.2.

It was a disaster - multiple undocumented breaking changes in NH, and
at least one bug in FNH I had to fix (submitted to GitHub - issue
#113).  Posted questions here and to Stack Overflow - got almost zero

Finally gave up in disgust and reverted to the old versions.

> now that NH itself has code-first/fluent configuration ability .. are there
> really features & functionality FNH offers that the NH core doesn't?

The big one for me is FNH Automapping - I'm not aware of _any_ ORM -
open source or commercial - that does anything remotely equivalent.

I don't use FNH code-first myself, but most of the people who do say
that the FNH approach is much better.

-Tom Bushell

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