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[fluent-nhib] Re: Any idea when new version (> of NuGet package for FNH will be released tbushell Fri Feb 03 06:08:01 2012

> hah, funny how things work: I tried automappings at first because it seemed
> like it should 'just work' .. 'just working', though, requires much extra
> side-work.


In my experience (limited to a single greenfield project, admittedly),
everything mostly _does_ "just work"!

The only extra side-work I had to do was a couple of overrides to work
around some bugs in FNH, which were quickly fixed in the next
release.  And this was for a reasonably complicated object model, with
multiple levels of inheritance, multiple nested lists of other
objects, etc.

I've always wondered why more people don't use it - mapping with code
looks like a lot more work.


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