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[fluent-nhib] Re: Good work, keep it up. tbushell Mon Feb 20 09:00:21 2012

Another area where NH severely lags FNH is Automapping - there is
nothing remotely equivalent in NH.

The big problem in FNH land these days is that nobody is actively
maintaining it.  James Gregory has had to step back for personal
reasons, and no one else is filling the vacuum.

I've volunteered to help with minor admin issues, and am waiting to
hear back from James.  But I don't know the code base at all, other
than fixing one bug that was a show stopper for me.

Unless someone, or a group of someones, steps up to fill the void, I
fear the the inferior solution is going to dominate, and FNH will fade

And that would be sad.

-tom bushell

On Feb 18, 3:43 am, Broken Pipe <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> After NH 3.2 was out many were asking why we need FluentNHibernate
> when there is mapping by code available now. The answer is WE NEED IT,
> because NH3.2 mapping by code is trash compared to FNH. I have tried
> using 3.2 code mapping, and it took me 3 full working days to make it
> work, I have found and fixed 6 bugs during this time, 3 of which were
> blocking and I have submitted them. And that is only for my Model
> scenario, I wounder how many bugs still left there.....
> In short FNH is muuuuuch more stable and mature then NH3.2 mapping by
> code, good work keep it up.

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