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[fluent-nhib] Re: Spam on the Wiki James Gregory Mon Apr 02 19:00:39 2012

I've just ported the wiki over to github, so this should make it a) less 
spammy, and b) easier for people to change (it's just a git repo!).

Thanks for highlighting this issue. The website will be updated with a new 
link when it next updates itself; until then, the wiki is 
at: https://github.com/jagregory/fluent-nhibernate/wiki

On Tuesday, April 3, 2012 9:26:19 AM UTC+10, James Gregory wrote:
> Thanks. The wiki is powered by MediaWiki; if you create an account on 
> there, you should be able to delete pages (I think). Let me know if you 
> can't.
> I've deleted the page you linked to, thanks!
> On Wednesday, March 28, 2012 9:34:01 PM UTC+11, JamesF wrote:
>> Hey everyone, I came across spam on the Wiki today:
>> http://wiki.fluentnhibernate.org/User_talk:Condtes1301 
>> Anyone  know what CMS it's using the best way we can delete it / ban 
>> users etc?

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