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Re: closing bug reports in bugzilla Steve Kargl Sat Feb 04 08:01:31 2012

On Sat, Feb 04, 2012 at 08:24:10AM -0600, Bud Davis wrote:
> I was in bugzilla trolling for something little to consume a little
> time on this Saturday morning, and have kind of come to the
> realization that we are very reluctant to close bug reports.
> Reluctant is not a problem, in general, but over a period of time it
> makes the whole list of open bug reports a little overwhelming.
> There are a fair number of bug reports where the last comment is
> something like " I propose we close this with no further action".
> (maybe 10 of these? maybe more?)
> I would like to ask, or propose, the following:
> If there is a comment that recommends closure, and another member of
> the team (using the definition of the team as loosely as possible)
> concurs, then we go ahead and close the bug.
> Is this OK ?

IMO, yes, it is ok to close these types of bug reports.  I have
performed closures of this type in past.