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Re: gfortran generated .s file lacks main vikramsp Tue Feb 14 20:00:32 2012

Ok the final executable contains main. But on
running it is giving sigfault. While the simple c program
with only return 0; is executing from the the same gcctool chain.
What may the problem?

FX Coudert wrote:
>> I compiled a simple hello world program using 
>> gfortran for arm. I inspected the .s file generated
>> using -S option. There was a MAIN__ label
>> but no main.
> What compiler version are you using? gfortran generates main() directly in
> the compiler since version 4.5.0, before that the main() is provided by
> libgfortranbegin (which is normally linked in if you use "gfortran" to
> link, but can be included by linking with "gcc -lgfortran -lgfortranbegin
> -lm".
> FX

 - vikramsp
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