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COMMON Blocks that are Common Across Object Modules Knox, William J Wed Feb 29 07:02:08 2012

GFortran Community,

We're working on a large Fortran application under VxWorks 6.6 and compiling 
with GFortran 4.5.1.  The legacy software is arrayed as several object modules 
that are loaded at run-time.  Many of these object modules declare the same 
COMMON block and expect that they will be addressing  the same area.  The 
location of certain of these common blocks is critical and has to be very 
specific in order to support inter-processor access of the data via PCI/VME bus 

What we are experiencing is that as each object module is loaded (via 
loadModule), a new definition of the symbol for a common block is added to the 
symbol table.  After loading completes for the several object modules, there 
are multiple definitions of the same common block symbol, each with its own 
address.  It's clear that the COMMON block is not common across the loaded 
object modules.  Is there some compiler/linker/loader option that can force 
these COMMON blocks to reference the same location in memory?

I can provide additional detail as necessary.  My linker/loader/GCC experience 
is rusty and was a little thin to begin with.  Any insights would be greatly