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RE: [fpba-assn] taxman Arla Albers Mon Mar 21 23:00:16 2011

However, be careful.  Because when you do volunteer jobs, you can NOT take
off what you would have made otherwise.  You can only take off the expense
of what paints you used during the job and your gas mileage, etc.


SAVE RECEIPTS, though...lots of things can be taken off.  Besides paints,
brushes, sponges, etc. you can take off any kind of advertising expenses,
hotel for FABAIC, meals while there (or anyplace you travel more than 50
miles outside your home area.)  Also, you can deduct any handouts you give
while you are face painting.  Training itself, like books, videos, etc.  If
you are savvy, you can also deduct a room of your house if you use it
strictly as an office and face painting area.maybe for storage, etc.
(although there are tax consequences when you sell your house.)



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