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Re: Importing clang/LLVM into FreeBSD HEAD Garrett Cooper Mon May 31 16:00:40 2010

On Mon, May 31, 2010 at 11:33 AM, M. Warner Losh <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
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> There's more context here too.  To improve the support of various
> architectures, we're planning on doing two things.  First, we're
> updating binutils to the latest gplv2 version.  This will solve many
> problems.  There's some other plans in this area as well, but the
> summary is basically integrating some important vendor patches.
> Second, we're planning to have the ability to use an external, perhaps
> vendor supplied, tool chain.  You can kludge this together today, but
> it is tedious and difficult.

This in and of itself is an interesting prospect. Why would happen if
one could drop in icc for instance :) (I realize that it's basically
gcc-compatible, but can this be done today without a lot of rework and

> : >   b. Is the project drop these FreeBSD ports? or

> Part of the problem with this thread is that the whole, agreed plan
> wasn't laid out at the first part of it, so people are freaking out
> about what the plans are for the future.  They were discussed and
> first order agreement was reached at the tool chains summit.  But part
> of the agreement was to post the whole agreement so people know and
> understand the various trade offs.
> I think that would go a long way towards answering the questions that
> are being raised and to quell the visceral reaction that I've seen in
> this thread....


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