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Re: killed libc.so.7 somehow - help./ISO images of CURRENT Dr. A. Haakh Thu Feb 16 09:00:54 2012

O. Hartmann wrote:
On 02/15/12 13:58, Dimitry Andric wrote:
On 2012-02-15 13:37, O. Hartmann wrote:
;-) Problem: I can not even login anymore, since I have "insecured" the
console for security reasons and the shell is rejecting due to a symbol
missing. I tried booting into single user mode, but that doesn't help
When booting in single user mode, use /rescue/sh as initial shell.  This
is statically linked, so should always be able to run.  Then use the
tools in /rescue to copy back a known good libc.so.7.
Last night I did and tried with no success.

First I booted from a boot-only cd. After copying libc.so.7, I still
received on binaries of the local disc

Symbol "_ThreadRuneLocal" not found. So I copied all libs from cd to
/lib/ on disc. That helped - for short. I tried to build world again
with no success, since cc was missing on the boot/rescue  cd.

So I booted the regular system again and tried building world. It
failed, clang obviously suffered from the same missing symbol.

The I did

make clean cleandepend depend obj all install

in folder


But after a reboot, I found myself confronted with the same initial
situation when I started the thread.

I guess I have "old" binaries and now too recent libs? I fear I'm
missing one little specific point to repair the system.


If You have started the whole 'disaster' using 'make buildworld' then
all the necessary build-tools should still reside under /usr/obj/usr/src/tmp
or /usr/obj/usr/src/tmp/legacy including a statically linked clang. At least
this is the layout on 9.0-STABLE.

You can either setup your environment in single usermode to use these
(/usr/src/Makefile will give you some hints what to do) or copy them to
/usr/bin ...

Then try to rebuild and install your world (and kernel).

Hope this helps


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