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Re: NICs not in GENERIC Alexander Leidinger Wed Feb 22 01:01:02 2012

Quoting Marius Strobl <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> (from Tue, 21 Feb 2012 23:42:52 +0100):

On Tue, Feb 21, 2012 at 03:56:40PM +0100, Alexander Leidinger wrote:

is there a specific reason that the following NICs are not (or shall
not be) in GENERIC (at least on i386)?
 - if_cas: is compiled as a module, Sun hardware, non-x86 only?
 - if_cxgb
 - if_cxgbe
 - if_gem: is compiled as a module, Apple/Sun, non-x86 only?
 - if_hme: is compiled as a module, Sun hardware, non-x86 only?
 - if_ic: no man-page
 - if_ipheth: no man-page
 - if_mos: USB NIC
 - if_mxge
 - if_my
 - if_nxge
 - if_vtnet: virtual NIC for hypervisors

As for cas(4), gem(4) and hme(4) the corresponding MACs also exist as
add-on cards and these drivers work just fine on x86 (actually should
do so on all architectures). Although some people also use or at least
used these cards in x86 machines, I thought it still would be uncommon
enough to put cards built for OFW machines into x86 ones to deliberately
not add these drivers to the x86 GENERICs. Fell free to do so if you
want though.

The GENERIC kernel on i386 takes about 15 MB on disk. The modules for cas/gem/hme take about 115 KB. It does not look like this would hurt from a file size perspective, but would give the benefit of users of the GENERIC kernel to have those NICs work out of the box in the installer.


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