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Re: MFI Driver Behavior Erich Weiler Tue Feb 15 10:01:08 2011

> > But would I lose anything by disabling MSI? I'm still not exactly
> > sure
> > what it does, even after googling a bit... ;) Is there a man page I
> > can look at?
> Hrmph. It looks like our in-tree mfi(4) driver does not support MSI
> after
> all. How odd. I know the hardware supports MSI. In that case, this
> test
> won't help. :(

We are testing a new theory.  We believe that the C-states and C1E control on 
this chipset (in the Dell R610), which are configurable in the BIOS, are 
affecting the controller in some way.  We are disabling them and trying again.  
I'll post results soon.
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