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Re: Keeping gmirror and geli after a reinstall fluffles.net Fri Jul 11 01:30:04 2008

Christian Baer wrote:
> Now, to the actual question...
> This machine has 2 gmirrors and both are encrypted with geli. Setting
> these up and blanking them is a real pain, so I was wondering if I could
> just leave them as they are and keep using them after the reinstall. The
> partitions on the drives will not need to be changed, so there is no
> reason to clear them.

Yes, you can just use your existing software arrays and geom providers
under 7.0. Since the configuration of geom modules is stored on the
disks themselves (the last sector of the consumer). Simply install
FreeBSD on a medium, load gmirror and you should have devices in your
/dev/mirror/ tree. geli should work with geli attach <device>. FreeBSD 7
should have no problem detecting the arrays you made with FreeBSD 6.x.

As long as you seperated your data from your operating system, there is
no problem. If FreeBSD is (partly) installed on a gstripe,graid3 or
graid5 array, with or without geli encryption, it becomes a different
story. Note that it is not possible to boot from such a device. I'm
using this kind of configuration with a small flash device which
contains / and /boot, and the /usr, /var, /tmp and storage devices on a
geom_raid5 provider with GELI encryption.

Without geom_journal, crashes could easily cause your box to boot in
single user mode, which is quite a pain if you rely on the machine. That
is why i'm using geom_journal now.

> Has anyone tried this before?

Many times. =)

Fine regards,

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