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Re: geom provider name change Glen Barber Tue Dec 15 21:00:16 2009

Alexei Troussov wrote: 
> Hello,
> I got two equal disks ad10 and ad11 and want to use them as RAID1 via gmirror 
> (I don't boot the system from them).
> Some day I'd like to change my hardware config, installing additional SATA 
> controller in my PC. My problem is that device names for my disks ad10 and 
> ad11 will change to, say, ad12 and ad13 respectively.
> Do I need to recreate my RAID1 ? or gmirror takes care about that and detects 
> which disk to use?

The boot config for a gmirror(8) configuration is written to the end of
the disk - assuming fstab(5) is configured correctly, you should not have
an issue pulling devices from one machine and inserting them to a machine
with a different hardware configuration or drive enumeration scheme.

Glen Barber

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