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GEOM_Journal - "Taste"-order Andrea Brancatelli Wed Oct 13 06:01:01 2010

Hello everybody.

I'm facing a funny issue with GEOM_Journal and an ASUS MB with integrated

For reason I cannot clearly understand, after creating an hardware mirror,
the "standard" devices (ad0 and ad4 if I can remember correctly) didn't
"disappear" and only a new device, ar0 appeared, representing the HW Mirror.

I then geom_journaled a partition inside ar0, inserted
geom_journal_load="YES" in the usual places but when the machine booted
geom_journal found the journaling on ad0 instead of ar0 -- and actually
started it!

Obviously fstab was referring to ar0 and thus the boot stopped.

I tried some different approaches but none worked. The only convenient way
to make everything work was to disable geom_journal_load and have a script
run in the end of the boot doing a gjournal load and a manual mount -- but
this obviously sucks.

I tried searching for a way to "disable" tasting for ad0 or ad4 or change
the order of the devices so that ar0 would be tasted first, but could not
find anything related.

Does anyone have any suggestion?
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